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Women's services

Lip, Brow or Chin 15 ea.
Underarm (both) 20
Arm (both) 35
Bikini 30-40
Brazilian 70
Bum 40
Half Leg (both) 30
Full Leg (both) 50
Toes + Fingers 5

Men's services

Neck 20
Back 35
Shoulders 20
Chest (men) 25
Stomach (men) 20
Legs (men) 65
Bum (men) 40
Bikini (men) 45 and up
Brazilian 80 and up

waxing after care

In order to maintain smooth skin and avoid ingrown hairs exfoliation is necessary! We recommend 'No Bumps Rx' , a topical solution which contains Acetylsalicylic acid to remove dead skin cells and alcohol to prevent the growth of bacteria in the follicle.

'Prince Reigns' (eliminates ingrown hairs and razor bumps by softening and straightening hairs. It contains Glycolic acid along with Lavender, Sage and Camomile fragrances. This can be applied after waxing and to clean, dry skin in the morning and evenings.

'Bikini Saver' by Hovan's Group is a creamy topical solution Stearic acid and Tea Tree oil which is also effective for bump prevention. Apply to clean dry skin. We also recommend 'PFB Vanish' and 'Mancine's Ingrown Zone' products.

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